How to Convert KVA to Volts?

Answer KiloVolt-Amperes (kVA) is a measure of power in an electrical circuit. Any electrical device that uses a motor will have a kVA rating, which indicates the amount of power drawn by the device at any... Read More »

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How to Convert 12 Volts to Negative 12 Volts?

Voltage is the difference in electric potential between two points, which creates the force that drives current through a wire connecting those two points. A source of voltage, such as a battery, u... Read More »

How to Convert a Milliwatt Meter to Volts?

A watt meter is a device used to measure the electrical power of a circuit. A milliwatt meter does this on a smaller scale because 1 watt (W) is equal to 1,000 milliwatts (mW). With a milliwatt met... Read More »

How to Convert Volts to Watts in Voltage?

Converting voltage to wattage is a simple mathematical formula. Like speed, distance and time, watts, volts and amps are all interrelated. To calculate how many watts are being used, you need to kn... Read More »

How to Convert a 6-Volt Beetle to 12 Volts?

Converting a Volkswagen electrical system from six to 12 volts lets you enjoy brighter headlamps and a better charge at idle, among other benefits. Prepare your shopping list and have your tools re... Read More »