How to Convert Inch-Pounds to Foot-Pounds?

Answer Torque is a combination of perpendicular distance and force that rotates an object. In a simple example, using a wrench to turn a wing nut applies torque to the nut, which tightens or loosens the n... Read More »

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Is 125 pounds too heavy for a 5 foot 10 inch girl to weigh?

should a 5 foot 10 inch girl weig 125 po no you weigh wat you weigh and that shouldent affect the way a true friend would lokk at youdoes it matter Answer Too skinny!!!!! 5 foot 10 inch girls shoul... Read More »

How to Convert Gross Torque Power Foot-Pounds to Horsepower?

Torque is the product of a force and the distance from a pivot point about which an object rotates. Horsepower is a measure of work done over time. To convert torque to horsepower you must specify ... Read More »

If you are 12 years old and 120 pounds how long would you have to starve yourself to lose 15 pounds?

Answer It takes longer to lose weight if you weight uder 130lbs. you would probably have to starve yourself for more than a week to lose 15lbs. I found out myself and you won't feel healthy. You wi... Read More »

My daughter weighs 65 pounds ( about 4 stones 10 pounds) and she is 6. Should I be worried?

She is at a fine weight. Remember that she needs regular exercise and healthy meals in healthy portions. That is your job.