How to Convert IBS to Litres?

Answer Fluids are sometimes measured in pounds, lbs, instead of liters. Pounds cannot be converted directly into liters without further information because one is a measurement of weight and the other is... Read More »

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How to Convert U.S. Gas Prices to Litres?

Gallons and liters are the most common units used to measure gasoline volume. A gallon is a key component in fuel efficiency and capacity for automobiles in the U.S. The liter is its metric counter... Read More »

How to Convert 40 Gallons to Litres?

Forty gallons is a lot of liquid, and you probably won't need that much of anything for everyday activities. But certain procedures require 40 gallons of liquid, such as filling up a fish tank, and... Read More »

What would happen to me if instead of drinking two litres of water a day i drank 2 litres of coke?

First you will start to become dehydrated. Caffeine has that affect on the body.Second you would start to gain weight due to all of the calories in the coke.You might get jittery or have nervious p... Read More »

How to Calculate Gallons to Litres?

Where you are located speaks volumes about how to measure your liquids. Gallons and liters are both units of volume measurement. The gallon is a primary measurement unit in the U.S. customary syste... Read More »