How to Convert Gemstone Karats to Grams?

Answer When measuring gemstones, most jewelers measure the size of the gem in carats. However, the carat measures weight rather than volume. The carat in use today is standardized at 200 milligrams per ca... Read More »

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How to Convert CCs to Grams?

All chemical compounds can be identified by a number of fixed properties which are based on their atomic composition. Grams, a measure of mass, are related to cubic centimeters, a measure of volume... Read More »

How to Convert 385 Ml to Grams?

If you are faced with a problem that requires you to convert a volume, like a milliliter (ml), to a mass, like a gram (g), you may be surprised by the bit of mathematics involved in the calculation... Read More »

How to Convert 55.6 Grams to Centigrams?

Conversion between metric units may appear daunting, but the way that certain metric units are built upon others helps to simplify conversions within classes of units. Applying a prefix to a base u... Read More »

How to Convert Milliliters to Grams?

If you have a certain amount of a liquid, you may wonder how much it weighs. You can determine this without a scale by converting the milliliters to grams. It's important to note that different liq... Read More »