How to Convert Gallons to Quarts?

Answer Gallons and quarts measure volumes of liquid such as gasoline, milk and water in the American system of units. The word "gallon" comes from the Roman word "galeta," and originally meant a pailful. ... Read More »

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How many gallons is 5 quarts?

Since one gallon equals four quarts, there are 1.25 gallons in five quarts. Quarts and gallons are used in the United States as a measurement of volume. Gallons and quarts can be broken down into o... Read More »

Why, in America, does soda come in liters but milk and water comes in quarts and gallons?

Way back in the 1970s the US announced it was going to convert to the metric system of measurement. The reasoning was that it made much more sense and was easier to teach. We started seeing road si... Read More »

How to Convert British Gallons to the United States Gallons?

When using the gallon as a unit of measure, you must specify which type of gallon. British imperial gallons are the largest of the three units, but the American wet gallon and the American dry gall... Read More »

How to Convert Cups to Quarts?

A cup is a unit of measurement typically used when measuring foodstuffs or liquid when preparing dishes. Cups measure volume. A quart is a unit of measurement typically used to measure volume as we... Read More »