How to Convert Gallons to Ounces?

Answer U.S. gallons and fluid ounces measure the volume of a liquid, such as fuel, water or juice. Converting a liquid's volume in gallons to its volume in fluid ounces helps a person compare different vo... Read More »

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How to Convert 2.5 Gallons to Ounces?

Gallons and ounces are both very common measurements for liquids. As such, it is not uncommon to need to convert measurements between the two. Thankfully, this is easily done with either a calculat... Read More »

How to Convert British Gallons to the United States Gallons?

When using the gallon as a unit of measure, you must specify which type of gallon. British imperial gallons are the largest of the three units, but the American wet gallon and the American dry gall... Read More »

How to Convert Pounds to Ounces?

Converting pounds to ounces is something that you might need to do when taking a school science class. You may also need to convert a number of pounds to ounces if you are putting together a recipe... Read More »

How to Convert Ounces to Drams?

The word dram comes from the the Greek word drachme, meaning handful, and is a small measure of mass in the avoirdupois system. In England, the same unit is spelled "drachm." Each dram equals 0.062... Read More »