How to Convert From Torrs to Atmospheres?

Answer Two units for quantifying pressure are the atmosphere, abbreviated atm or atmos, and the torr, which has no abbreviation. Pressure measures the perpendicular force exerted, such as the pressure of ... Read More »

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How do I convert bars to atmospheres?

Multiply the pressure in bars by a factor of 0.986923267 to obtain the pressure in atmospheres (atm). A rounded factor of 0.987 can also be used, and will still provide a close approximation. Bars ... Read More »

What is the composition of the atmospheres of the gas giants?

Gas giant atmospheres are composed primarily of hydrogen and helium. There are other substances in various amounts, such as methane. It is also notable that hydrogen exists in several states--molec... Read More »

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28 Days Later28 Weeks Later30 Days of NightA Nightmare on Elm StreetAlienBram Stoker's DraculaCarrieChernobyl DiariesCloverfieldConstantineCube ( I love this one)Dawn of the DeadDaybreakersDevilDra... Read More »

If I convert an HD file from .MOV to .AVI --will it still be HD or do i need to convert it to HD AVI....?

2nd paragraph of the first response I provided to you:"If the video is a high definition h.264 format in a MOV "envelope", you can transcode it to a h.264 high definition format in a AVI "envelope"... Read More »