How to Convert Feet Into Millimeters?

Answer Though two very different-sized measurement units, feet and millimeters both measure length. A foot is an American unit that is more than 300 times the size of a millimeter and measures common leng... Read More »

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Why is it easier to convert centimeters to millimeters than it is to convert miles to yards or feet?

Answer cm --> mm is based on the metric system, which is in intervals of 10. This is easier than converting from who knows what from feet --> in. etc.(metric system is easier)

How to Convert Millimeters to Feet & Inches?

To convert millimeters to feet and inches, a conversion equivalent of a millimeter in inches is needed. With a conversion equivalent, a mathematical conversion formula can be used to obtain the mea... Read More »

How to Convert Cubic Millimeters Per Minute to Cubic Feet Per Minute?

Although the United States formally subscribed to the metric system in 1875, the English system often prevails in terms of daily usage. As a consequence, navigating the two systems has become a tri... Read More »

How do you convert a room 12 feet 2 inches by 10 feet into square feet?

(12 feet + 2 inches) by (10 feet)= ([12 feet x 12 inches/foot] + 2 inches) X (10 feet x 12 inches/foot)=(144 inches + 2 inches) X (120 inches)=(146 inches) X (120 inches)= 17520 square inches= 1752... Read More »