How to Convert European Heights to the USA's?

Answer With the exception of the United Kingdom, where people still use imperial units on informal occasions, the unit of measuring height is different between the United States (feet) and Europe (meters)... Read More »

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How do i convert European pants sizes?

Determine the actual size of the pants and if they are sized for men or women.Covert women's pant sizes by starting with the fact that a size 8 American is equivalent to a size 36 European. As the ... Read More »

How to Convert a USA Size Small Shirt to a European Size?

If you are ordering clothes from abroad -- or even selling them abroad -- you may need to make a few calculations and check the exact size of what you are buying or selling. There are basic convers... Read More »

In wuthering heights how did heathcliff come to wuthering heights?

Mr Earnshaw brings him back from Liverpool, if I remember rightly. He finds him as an orphan - he doesn't speak any English and he has no family or anything like that.In Victorian England the impro... Read More »

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