How to Convert Cubic Inches to Gallons?

Answer Cubic inches are a measurement of volume, or how much something can hold. Cubic measurements are determined by multiplying length times width times depth. Gallons are larger measurements of volume,... Read More »

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How to Convert Cubic Centimeters to Gallons?

Cubic centimeters and gallons both measure volume. The cubic centimeter, abbreviated cc, is a metric unit based on the three-dimensional shape of a cube with each dimension measuring 1 cm. The gall... Read More »

How to Convert Gallons to Cubic Meters?

Though the gallon and the cubic meter are two very differently sized units in two separate measurement systems, they both are used to measure volume. A gallon is a staple of volume measurement in t... Read More »

How to Convert a Million Gallons Per Day to Cubic Feet Per Second?

Volumetric flow rate can be a torrent or a trickle depending on how you gauge it. Gallons/day and cubic feet/second may seem like they are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but depending on how mu... Read More »

How to Convert Square Cubic Meters to Gallons?

Cubic meters and gallons are two units of volume. Cubic meters, a measure in the metric system, measure all varieties of volume, while gallons, an imperial unit, typically measures liquid volume. Y... Read More »