How to Convert Combinations to Permutations?

Answer Combinations and permutations measure the number of ways items from a set can be grouped. Combinations do not count different orders as different groupings. For example, for the purposes of countin... Read More »

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How to Teach Basic Permutations?

A permutation is the rearrangement of a set of elements for which the order is of importance. Teaching basic permutations is necessary for providing the foundation for lessons in probability. It is... Read More »

How to Calculate Permutations on a Graphing Calculator?

Whether you're in an Algebra class or advanced Calculus class, the procedure for calculating permutations with your graphing calculator is the same. Basically, you should be able to calculate any g... Read More »

4-piece band combinations?

Keep in mind any of the instrumentalists can also do its implied if Vox aren't listed.1. Bassguitardrumskeys2. BassGuitarGuitarDrums3. BassGuitarDrumsVox4. BassGuitarDrumsweird instr... Read More »

Two movie combinations, 10 POINTS?

SPARTACUSThe movie is constructed on tangible historical events. Insufficient things could demand more justice than people enslaved to battle and die for the amusement of others. The motion picture... Read More »