How to Convert College Hours Into Degrees?

Answer College hours, also known as credit hours are required to earn a degree at a college or university. The number of credit hours needed to earn a degree varies, depending on the institution. If you a... Read More »

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How do I convert hours into FTE?

FTE, or full-time equivalent, measures the percentage of a job that an employee works. To calculate FTE you need the "Standard Hours" for the job being performed that would make the job "Full Time.... Read More »

How do I convert hours into decimals?

Convert Hours to MinutesChange the hours to minutes by multiplying 60 by the number of hours. The number 60 is used because one hour equals 60 minutes. If you are converting hours and minutes, afte... Read More »

How to Convert Watts into Kilowatt Hours?

Watts are a measurement of how many joules of work can be done in one second and are commonly used to indicate how much power an electrical device uses. Kilowatt hours are a measurement of energy a... Read More »

How do I convert military experience into college credit?

Education CenterVisit the education center on the military base or installation, speak to an education counselor, and request an official transcript from the Army/Ace Registry Transcript System (AA... Read More »