How to Convert Coal to Energy?

Answer The process by which the energy trapped in coal is converted into energy we can use is nothing new, but requires a great deal of technology. Simply burning coal releases energy in the form of heat,... Read More »

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What kind of energy resource is coal energy?

Coal, like other fossil fuels, is a nonrenewable energy source, according to the Energy Information Administration. Coal is nonrenewable because it takes millions of years to form from plant matter... Read More »

Is solar energy better than coal energy?

Using coal for energy pollutes the air, water and land, and coal is not a renewable resource. Solar energy does not pollute the air, water or land and is a renewable energy resource. For environmen... Read More »

Description of Coal Energy?

Coal is a black or brownish-black solid combustible substance. It is widely used as a natural fuel. It took millions of years to form coal by the partial decomposition of vegetable matter without f... Read More »

How is coal energy stored?

The energy in coal comes from the energy that was stored in plants millions of years ago. Plants were trapped together and compressed by pressure and heat over thousands of years to form coal, whic... Read More »