How to Convert Clothes Into Different Age Groups on the Sims 2?

Answer Some creators may have a hard time learning how to make different Sims 2 clothes. And others may say, "Oh! That is a cute teen outfit, maybe I can make that into a child outfit!" Here is an article... Read More »

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How do i randomize a list in excel into 7 different groups, equally distributed example- 18 in 7 groups?

Your initial question and description says 18 individuals within 7 groups, and to be randomly grouped.But you additional details says 18 groups, and no longer requiring that it be randomly grouped.... Read More »

Does blood type get factored into who is assigned to different groups in the military?

How can I convert video files into a different format?

To use .mov files, you need QuickTime. Download it from the Apple website. It is free, but if you don't like to download stuff, you can use an online video converter. It is free. I've used it a cou... Read More »

How do you find out all the different recommended swimming pool temperature ranges for different groups?

Answer In my experience of working in health & fitness clubs over the past few years i have found that the ideal pool temperature depends on how vigorous the activity the groups are undertaking. I ... Read More »