How to Convert Celsius to Kilojoules?

Answer A joule is defined as the amount of energy required to move an object that weighs 1 pound 9 inches. A kilojoule is 1,000 joules. A Celsius heat unit -- not to be confused with degrees Celsius -- is... Read More »

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How to Convert Megagrams to Kilojoules?

When you are converting megagrams to kilojoules you are converting a unit of mass to a unit of energy. Based on Einstein's famous energy-mass equation "e=mc^2," scientists have determined exactly h... Read More »

How to Convert Kcal to Kilojoules?

Kilocalories and kilojoules measure energy. Kilocalories are often used to measure the energy in food. The term "kilocalorie" represents 1,000 calories, or 1 Calorie, which is the unit used on food... Read More »

How to Convert -45 Fahrenheit to Celsius?

One thing that -45 degrees in Fahrenheit has in common with its Celsius counterpart is that both temperatures are extremely cold. Because the Fahrenheit scale is rarely employed outside of the Unit... Read More »

How to Convert 252.85 Celsius to Kelvin?

The metric system uses degrees Celsius to measure temperature. However, zero degrees Celsius does not equal absolute zero, the temperature at which there is no heat energy. Another temperature scal... Read More »