How to Convert Bushels to Cubic Yards?

Answer The bushel is a traditional English unit of measurement used primarily for dry goods such as grains and fruits. Though King Edward I first set the bushel equal to 8 gallons, the British Parliament ... Read More »

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How do you convert cubic yards of dry sand to imperial tons?

Start with a conversion factor. An "old timer's" view is that a cubic foot of dry sand weighs about 125 pounds. There are 3 feet in a yard. There are 3 x 3 or 9 square feet in a square yard. There ... Read More »

How do you convert 15 feet by 31 feet by 4 inches deep into cubic yards?

for a concrete order, I would calculate the cubic footage first: 15 X 31 X 0.33 (4 inches) =153.45 cubic feet. there are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard, so 154 (round up in construction--believe m... Read More »

How many cubic yards are in a cubic meter?

A cubic yard or cubic meter is a unit of volume as for gravel or fill dirt. A cubic meter equals 1.3 cubic yards or 35.3 cubic feet. To convert cubic yards to cubic meters use the following equati... Read More »

How to Convert M3 to Bushels?

Both cubic meters (M3) and bushels are volume measurements of dry units that are used for a variety of agricultural and other physical items. Converting from cubic meters to bushels requires only a... Read More »