How to Convert Bicycle Tires Into Studded Snow Tires?

Answer To deal with that pesky ice and snow on your bike, you'll need traction. If your wallet is tight, then it's time for some real "MacGyver" style craftiness.

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What are studded snow tires?

Studded snow tires are designed to increase traction on snow and ice. Modern studded snow tires typically have between 60 and 120 small metal studs protruding from them. These studs may cause incre... Read More »

How to Drive With Studded Snow Tires?

Driving in the snow can not only be difficult, but extremely dangerous--especially if the vehicle isn't properly outfitted for traveling in snow. Chains or studded snow tires are often used to help... Read More »

When can studded snow tires be used in Maine?

Studded snow tires may be used in Maine between October 2 and April 30 annually. They are prohibited for use between May 1 and October 1, except if the Commissioner of Transportation issues an exte... Read More »

Are studded snow tires legal in Arizona?

Studded snow tires, as well as chains, are legal in Arizona for seven months, beginning with the first of October. Local authorities may issue special permits if the necessity arises.Source:Arizona... Read More »