How to Convert Any Image to .Bmp Without Any Colour Loss?

Answer This is how to convert any image to .bmp without any colour loss

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How to Colour a Part of an Image Without Ruining the First One in Microsoft Paint?

This article sets out the directions for using Microsoft Paint to colour in part of a picture. This technique will enable you to colour in just the part of the image that you want coloured, without... Read More »

How do I convert HD video so it's playable on a DVD- without quality loss?

I recommend you use Aiprosoft Total Video Converter.…Aiprosoft Total Video Converter is a extremely super Video Converter software that supports all popula... Read More »

How do i convert TIFF files to JPEG's in photoshop without losing the image size or resolution?

It somewhat depends on your image editing program. Some better ones have a slide scale for jpg image compression and you can have a jpg with hardly any compression at all. I do not know why you los... Read More »

How to convert grayscale image to color image in Photoshop?

At the option bar at top go: Image Mode RGB Color Leave it at 8-Bits per Channel Source(s): I'm a Photoshop teacher.