How to Convert Angle Degrees to Slope?

Answer An angle can represent a slope, and a slope can be measured as an angle. A slope is the measured steepness of growth or decline over a specific amount of distance. In geometry, calculation of a slo... Read More »

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How to Convert Degrees to Percent Slope?

The slope measures the steepness of a line, such as a road going up a hill. You can measure the slope in degrees or as a percentage. To determine which of two or more slopes is the steepest, you ne... Read More »

How to Convert an Angle From Degrees to Decimal?

Degree measurement of angles can take two forms: one form is when the distance between individual degree units are measured in minutes and seconds, and the other is decimal notation. When measured ... Read More »

If you're connecting 3-inch copper pipe to 3-inch PVC with a rubber sleeve and they meet on a parallel horizontal plane and need a slight angle so the PVC can slope downward how do you get the angle?

AnswerThis should not even be a problem unless the angle is more than slight. Connect the two together and drop the PVC or put a PVC elbow in there .somewhere/

How to Calculate a Slope Angle?

The steepness of a line, which is measured by its slope, forms an angle relative to the x-axis of a coordinate plane. A positive slope creates a positive angle of elevation, while a negative slope ... Read More »