How to Convert Alternators to 110v?

Answer An alternator converts the mechanical energy provided by a vehicle's engine into electrical energy. Through the use of a transformer, this electrical energy can then be converted from one voltage t... Read More »

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How to Convert 110V AC to 12V DC?

In the United States, the vast majority of electrical outlets are 120-volt alternating current (AC). Other places around the world, such as Antigua, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti, utilize 110-volt AC out... Read More »

How do you convert 220V 50 Hz to 110V 60 Hz?

Converting the voltage isn't a problem, but converting the frequency could require some additional support electronics. To convert 220 volts to 110 volts, all you need is a transformer with a 220 ... Read More »

How to Connect a 110V LCD Where a 12V Is?

An LCD television is designed to operate using a fraction of the power that its cathode-ray tube counterparts require. Nonetheless, an LCD television requires a steady supply of AC power to operate... Read More »

Do computer fans run on 110v?

You mean internal fans? NO, they run on DC voltage, way lower than 110v AC.