How to Convert 9 Weeks to Minutes?

Answer Time is what you make of it. The ancient Egyptians based their calendar on the periodic flooding of the Nile, beginning their year in July shortly before the floods and at the rising of the star Si... Read More »

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If contractions are 7 minutes apart for a past 24 hours and you are 36 weeks could you be going into labor?

How to Convert Minutes to Metric?

When using metric time, a normal 24-hour day only consists of 10 metric hours. Just like any other measurement in the metric system, each unit is broken into multiples of 10 of the next smaller uni... Read More »

How to Convert Minutes to Decimals?

The conversion of minutes to decimals allows individuals to quickly add time in minute increments. This process comes in handy when figuring incremental hourly work, trip times, or explaining conv... Read More »

How to Convert Minutes to Hours?

Converting minutes to hours is a simple matter of basic math and unit conversions.