How to Convert 9 Weeks to Minutes?

Answer Time is what you make of it. The ancient Egyptians based their calendar on the periodic flooding of the Nile, beginning their year in July shortly before the floods and at the rising of the star Si... Read More »

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If you're 36 weeks pregnant and you took castor oil and now your contractions are 5 minutes apart when should you go to the doctor?

Answer Call the hospital now! If they are constantly 5 minutes apart you need to get there ASAP! Even if it's false labor it's still hard false labor--and they will either want to go ahead and let ... Read More »

If contractions are 7 minutes apart for a past 24 hours and you are 36 weeks could you be going into labor?

I am 35 weeks into the pregnancy. I was having regular and painful contractions 3 to 5 minutes apart for 6 hours when they stopped. What is happening?

You could be having what they call braxton hicks contractions...this is your uterus preparing for your baby to be born...Congrats on your pregnancy!Or you could be going in to Labor!

If you are 38 weeks with first pregnancy contractions 3 minutes apart lasting 70 seconds and dilated at a 2 with 80 effaced will labor come soon after having two cervatals?

Answer If your contractions are three min. apart then you probably already are in labor especially if you are already dilated and 80% effaced. If the contractions aren't regular then you aren't in... Read More »