How to Convert 8MM Home Movies Into VHS Video?

Answer A quick guide to turning those tiny tapes into big ones.

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How do I convert DVD movies to Zune video format?

Convert the Video to MP4Convert the video files to an MPEG-4 (MP4) in order to play back the video files on a Zune. Download an MP4 conversion utility. Open the utility and select the video file yo... Read More »

How to Convert Video Movies to MP4 With Nero Recode?

Nero Recode 2 is one of several products previously offered in the now discontinued Nero 8 digital software program package. Nero Recode 2 supports video and DVD conversions to MP4---Nero's default... Read More »

How to Convert Old Home Movies Onto DVDs?

Before the digital camcorder or the DVD camera came around, home movies were recorded onto a VHS tape or a mini VHS tape that used a VHS converter. Since that technology has been replaced, many peo... Read More »

How can I convert VHS home movies to digital?

Ah, yes. I do see.You are trying to transform the old VHS cassettes into their true, beautiful manifestations.I do not think you will ever be able to regain the original image quality.If people ar... Read More »