How to Convert 88 mm to Inches?

Answer An inch is a unit of distance measurement in the Imperial system, most commonly used in the United States. A millimeter is a unit of measurement in the metric system. The only three countries that ... Read More »

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How to Convert 29 Inches to mm?

Though a measurement of length may stay the same, the units used to measure it can often change. A length of 29 inches can take many forms in the American system, like 2 5/12 feet or 0.086 yards. T... Read More »

How to Convert 25 mm to Inches?

Converting numbers from one unit of measurement to another is a simple process. One way is to use an online conversion calculator that does the math for you. Another way is to use a sheet of paper,... Read More »

How to Convert 44 Inches to mm?

While online calculators are easily available to do most types of mathematical conversions for you--including inches to millimeters--you can always do the work yourself. Converting American system... Read More »

How to Convert 49 mm to Inches?

Millimeters, or mm for short, and inches, or in. for short, both measure small distances. You can convert between the two units if you know that it takes 25.4 millimeters to equal an inch. For exam... Read More »