How to Convert 3500 Meters to Kilometers?

Answer Conversion from meters to kilometers is much like converting yards to miles, but much simpler. Different amounts in the metric system are identified by the prefix attached to the unit. A kilo- tran... Read More »

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How to Convert Meters Squared Into Kilometers?

Meters squared, also known as square meters, measures a two-dimensional area, such as a room or a plot of land. If you want to convert to kilometers, you have to use kilometers squared, which is al... Read More »

How to Convert to Meters, Kilometers & Millimeters?

Unit conversions are key to completing calculations or just making unit measurements easier to understand by transforming them into the U.S. customary system or metric system. You can convert the m... Read More »

How to Convert & Calculate Kilometers Into Meters?

Two units of distance in the metric system are kilometers, abbreviated "km," and meters, abbreviated "m." The metric system uses a base 10 system, meaning that all units are related by a factor of ... Read More »

How to Measure Feet, Kilometers, Meters & Quarts?

A foot as a unit of measurement has been in use since ancient times, and may have even been adopted by Europeans from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. A U.S. foot has been standardized since 1959,... Read More »