How to Convert 20 Gauge to Inches?

Answer The gauge of a wire is the overall thickness of the wire. The term for this is called American Wire Gauge, or AWG for short. Calculating the AWG of a wire involves a very long mathematical equation... Read More »

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How to Convert Inches of Water to PSI With a Gauge?

Inches of water, or inch water column (wc), is the unit of pressure preferred in a few unusual applications. It is used where pressure values are small and would result in fractional numbers when e... Read More »

How to Convert Metal Gauge Thickness to Inches?

Engineers developed a system for measuring non-ferrous metals (metals without an iron content). The system gauges the thickness and assigns the metal a numeric equivalent. Doctors use different gau... Read More »

How many inches are in .5 oz of wire with 28 gauge&4mm width?

The length (L) of a wire can be found using the formula L = mass/(density x cross-sectional area), where the density units must match those used for the mass and area.A 0.5-oz. piece of 28 gauge co... Read More »

How do you compare gauge to inches in vinyl floor tile?

Gauge in floor tile is the thickness in thousandths of an inch. .080 is simply 8 one hundredths of an inch or about 1/12th of an inch thick .125 is 1/8" of an inch so it is 1/8" thick.