How to Converse With a Girl?

Answer The most common problem which every guy faces after the age of his adolescence, when his hormonal change starts...He tries to talk to a girl but due to lot of misconception...his idea to start a co... Read More »

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When did Converse come out?

The Converse company, originally called the Converse Rubber Co., was started in 1908 by founder Marquis Mills Converse. In the company's early years, Converse made both basketball shoes and car tir... Read More »

What does converse mean mathematically?

The converse of a statement P->Q is defined to be Q->P, where -> means "implies." It is not always the case that Q->P whenever P->Q. For instance, if P is "X is a prime greater than two" and Q is "... Read More »

What is a converse in geometry?

A converse in geometry occurs when the "if" and "then" segments of a statement are transposed. An example: "If Y, then Z" is the statement; "If Z, then Y" is the converse of the statement. A conver... Read More »

How to Wear Your Converse?

Flame style black Converse sneakersConverse shoes are available in so many colors and cuts that they can go with almost any wardrobe. To wear your converse, try some of the following styles.