How to Control the Spread of Bamboo?

Answer Bamboo is beautiful. And you can add many varieties of bamboo to your garden without fear of it taking over if you follow some simple steps to keep it contained.

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Can I spread clumping bamboo trees by cutting the stems and planting them?

He has a CLUMPING bamboo folks, it is NOT invasive. Runners can be and must be contained. And it CAN be propagated from cuttings!!! It is harder than rhizome division and the % success depends on t... Read More »

How to Control the Spread of English Ivy?

English ivy is a noxious weed that grows on the East and West Coasts of the United States; the plant grows out of control in these climates. Other states import English ivy for floral arrangements,... Read More »

What are the best ways to control the spread of invasive plants so they do not become weeds?

AnswerWhen buying plants everyone makes mistakes and even the avid gardeners. A great garden is well planned, but sometimes we see something we like and don't think of it taking over the whole gard... Read More »

Is Tergaren synergy bamboo floor better than stranded bamboo flooring?

Stranded bamboo is a generic style, whereas Teragren Synergy is Teragren's brand name for the stranded style. To answer the question would require comparison of the two company's products. Things ... Read More »