How to Control and Steer a Horse Using Your Seat and Legs?

Answer Yes, you can steer a horse, and even stop and back up a horse without your reins.Remember, the only reason it works is because horses move away from pressure.

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How to Steer a Horse With Only Your Legs?

Riding a horse is lots of fun, and most people learn to steer using the reins. There are times when knowing how to steer using only your legs is fun, and may be required.

How to Clean a Horse's Legs?

clean horse legsAfter exercise a horse's legs can become very dirty. It is important to remove the dirt and mud to ensure maximum happiness and health of the horse.

How to Tell if Your Horse's Legs Are Hurt?

If your horse is hurt, you need to work out quickly what the problems might be. If you ride an injured horse you can seriously worsen the problem. Learn how to recognize signs of pain and address t... Read More »

How to Get Strong Legs Like a Horse?

Are you tired of not being to run fast enough in track? Are your kicks weak in karate class? Your legs get compared to a chicken you have no relation too?