How to Control a Spirited Horse?

Answer Some riders struggle to handle a spirited horse or pony, a horse doesn't have to be a stallion to be hard to control. This can be dangerous and if you can't keep control and show your pony your in ... Read More »

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How to Get a Horse Under Control?

KickingSome horses don't listen to you, and others just get plain out of control. A crazy horse can hurt not only himself but also his rider, and the behavior must be dealt with immediately.If a ho... Read More »

How to Keep a Horse Under Control While Jumping?

Have you ever been jumping your horse and they take off or take large jumps? This article will teach you how to keep them under your control and makes for a cleaner jumping round!

How to Control a Stubborn Horse While on It?

It happens to everyone. At one point you get on a horse and it just doesn't want to cooperate. Just follow these tips and your horse will be ok.

How to Control a Horse With the "Ades"?

Ever wanted to control your horse with legs, weight, voice, or reins separate? Just keep reading to find out. It's pretty easy, because I learned it in only 30 minutes!