How to Control a Skidding Car?

Answer In defensive driving courses, the top drill, is usually about skid control. However, many of the methods are not all that practical on the road, because they are hard to perform accurately, or beca... Read More »

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Skidding on wet pavement?

Get better tires or dont slam on the brakes.

How to Keep Windshield Wipers From Skidding?

Windshield wipers on your vehicle need to be checked and replaced every six months. Windshield wiper rubber is composed either of rubber or silicone. The "skidding" or "chatter" that happens on som... Read More »

How to Stop Wipers From Skidding on the Windshield?

Your windshield wipers should be checked every six months. Any signs of deterioration is cause for replacement. Wipers that skid across the windshield can cause wiper "chatter," a condition where t... Read More »

How can l control the Excel Export from a Gridview. I want to be able to control page size, font, orientation?

I have created Macros before that basically re-formats whole workbooks (from 3 to 50 worksheets) for printing. It is easier to control from within the VBA code of MS-Excel. And it will allow one ... Read More »