How to Control a Lutron Faedra Dimmer?

Answer The Lutron Faedra dimmer switch can change the ambience in a room by increasing or decreasing the light level. The Lutron switch, which fits in a standard wall switch box, achieves this by controll... Read More »

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Lutron Remote Dimmer Instructions?

Dimmer switches control the amount of power reaching the light fixture. This, in turn, dims or brightens the light. The Lutron dimmer comes with a remote control so you can change the room's lighti... Read More »

How to Wire Lutron Three-Way Dimmer Switches?

You wire three-way Luthron dimmer switches the same as all other three-way dimmer switches. They are wired in combination with one standard three-way toggle switch which allows the light to be turn... Read More »

How do I wire a dimmer& fan control?

Prepare for the JobTurn off the power to the dimmer and fan control switch in question, and ensure that the circuit box is locked so that no one can turn it on while you are working.Remove the Old ... Read More »

The Installation of a Lutron Maestro?

Dimmer switches are designed to increase or decrease the flow of electricity to the light fixture so that the light operates at various levels of luminosity. Lutron Maestro dimmer switches come wit... Read More »