How to Control Your World?

Answer Do you want to have a say in what YOU do, and become the one who rules your choices, your life, and your mind? Follow these steps, and you'll be control of your world in more or less time.

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It is the US and the Presidents duty to take control of world affairs?

It is not our country's job to take on the world, if they are at war with us yes we should fight back. It is not our citizens job to risk their life day after day because the president desides we s... Read More »

How do I control old world diamond flower plants?

Avoid the use of common pesticides as these have no effect on the old world diamond flower plants. Allow the lawn to grow to the highest recommended height. You will need to mow more frequently to ... Read More »

What does the"Guitar Hero World Tour"bass pedal control?

The bass pedal in "Guitar Hero World Tour" is used to play lined notes on a song chart. On the drums the bass pedal is played by using either the left or right foot. Recent "Guitar Hero" games have... Read More »

How can l control the Excel Export from a Gridview. I want to be able to control page size, font, orientation?

I have created Macros before that basically re-formats whole workbooks (from 3 to 50 worksheets) for printing. It is easier to control from within the VBA code of MS-Excel. And it will allow one ... Read More »