How to Control Your Tone By Keeping Your Moods in Check?

Answer Moods can change due to recent happenings, but can also be the result of past events too. Moods have the capacity to alter our decisions and opinions, and they can also change the course of our rel... Read More »

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Does bran muffins keeping you regular improve your skin tone?

Ummm just the skin around your...... Well you know ;)Raji the Green Witch

How to Overcome Bad Moods?

be happy!!Bad moods are one of those feelings that we just want to rip out of our heart and throw away. In our lives, we don't just feel happiness all the time, sometimes are harder than before, li... Read More »

How to Manage Moods?

Moods will boost up or damage each facet of your life. Money from your pockets may be for learning new skills and techniques but it still requires you to be invested in the most important skill of ... Read More »

What are the different moods of each color?

Lavender - calmnessred - angergreen - enviouswhite - frightenedpink - playfulnessorange - anxiousblack - gloomybrown - boredyellow - happypurple - proud