How to Control Your PC With Your Voice Using WSR Macros?

Answer You've been talking to (or screaming at) your Windows PC for years, but unless you were willing to shell out hundreds of dollars on pricey software, chances are it wasn't listening to a word you we... Read More »

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Does using the the control toolbox in Excel require macros to be enabled?

Macros do need to be enabled to use the control toolbox. The control toolbox allows users to place ActiveX controls in their documents, which requires the use of macros. ActiveX controls work with ... Read More »

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The greater your vocal range, the more versatile a singer you are. There are songs in all genres that require a singer to hit stratospheric notes with ease. Your head voice, or falsetto, is at the ... Read More »

Are there health risks with using Frontline flea control on your pets?

On One Hand: Considered SafeFrontline (fipronil) for dogs is considered a very safe product for the control of fleas, eggs and larvae, as well as ticks and lice. Frontline is a topical product, app... Read More »

How to Control Your HomeEasy, Byebyestandby and Other Home Automation Equipment Using Your iPhone?

This article explains how to control your HomeEasy & Byebyestandby home automation devices using an RFXcom LAN transmitter and the HomeAutom8 service including the iAutom8 iPhone app.