How to Control Your Lustful Actions?

Answer It is bound to happen! Rather you're searching the Internet when no one is watching you, and you Google a raunchy website and watch a dirty video. Or you look at the magazine section of the book st... Read More »

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Is there any disease that can cause a human to lose control of their actions?

How to Add Actions in PSE 7.0?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 is a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop. This product is for people who want to create basic graphics and edit photos, but don't need the bulk or price of the full ver... Read More »

What are some actions and how do I do them?

There's rofl, dance, lol, ommm, xxx, hello, kyle, wtf, zzzz, *rap* (with the asterisk), :(, :), omg, *spin*, *Vogue*, yay, *rockout*, shutup . To do the actions, just stand somewhere and type in th... Read More »

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