How to Control Your Lustful Actions?

Answer It is bound to happen! Rather you're searching the Internet when no one is watching you, and you Google a raunchy website and watch a dirty video. Or you look at the magazine section of the book st... Read More »

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Is there any disease that can cause a human to lose control of their actions?

What legal actions can your mother take if you want to go live with your dad at age 17?

Answer One of your parents has to file a motion to amend their custody agreement. If there are no extenuating circumstances and your father has no issues that would make it bad for you to live wit... Read More »

How to Protect Animals with Your Actions?

Animals ARE rather important... we're animals too, so we should do more for our fellow relatives, don't you think? (Besides it's boring to like not see a bird or a squirrel in the morning when you ... Read More »

Why should bars be accountable for your intoxicated actions?

Not everyone 21 and older knows how to handle themselves while intoxicated.It is imperative that taverns, bars and restaurants keep a close eye on patrons to look out for everyone's self-interest.L... Read More »