How to Control Your Laughter when You Have Autism?

Answer Laughing is difficult to control and even harder to control for those who have the symptom of any form of autism. People who have autism can be repetitive which is why it is hard for some of them t... Read More »

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Is it possible to die from laughter?

Uh oh, i've heard that theory, but i'm pretty sure it's not true. You can pull a muscle for laughing hard, but you can't die, unless you have food in your mouth when you are laughing then you choke... Read More »

Laughter and diabetes?

We have to agree.P>Laughing After Meal Lowers Blood Sugar Levels NaturallyBy Daniel J. DeNoonWebMD Medical NewsMay 28, 2003 -- Diabetes isn't funny. But the newest way to improve diabetes treatment... Read More »

Is laughter really the best medicine?

Towards the long run yes....It helps alot,to laugh about your worries,and when you feel down,to cheer that person up,or yourself...Sure any medication will help you out,specially with severe depres... Read More »

How to Spread Laughter?

Laughter is the best medicine.Spreading laughter is the next best thing to laughing yourself. When you set out to spread laughter, you're also spreading joy, happiness, and love for other people. L... Read More »