How to Control Your Feelings Around the Person You Like?

Answer Are you one of those people that fall head over heels when your crush is within sight? Do you continue to obsess over them by lose all control when they are near? Well let's fix that.

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How Do You Mask Your Feelings Without Losing Control?

Masking your feelings is not something that comes highly recommended. That said, there is a time and place for certain things, and if you need to maintain control in specific situations, there are ... Read More »

When you get your feelings hurt dosnt if feel like your heart acuactlly HURTS?

yes - none can escape this including sagesLord said if one slab at one side of your face then show the other side - it still hurt - but one can bring the situation to normal and try to refine the s... Read More »

Can you get pains or weird feelings like you would when expecting your period during the beginning of your pregnancy?

Yes , it is possible to have period like crams in the beginning of a pregancy...with all the hormonal and body changes it is likely that you will adjust slowly. I had light period cramps and a back... Read More »

How to Hide Your Feelings from a Girl You Like?

Boy in LoveDo you want to hide your feelings from the girl you love?Follow the steps given below to handle your feelings with care and privacy.