How to Control Stuttering?

Answer It's your first job interview, or the first day of school, and you are anxious to get it done with. Mainly because, you stutter. Millions of Americans stutter, and currently, there is no known cure... Read More »

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Pc video stuttering?

With stuttering problems, you should suspect that it could be a refresh rate issue between the video card and the monitor.I have had this problem with video games, and have made it come and go by c... Read More »

How to Stop Stuttering?

There are no instant miracle cures for stuttering. Therapy, electronic devices, and even drugs cannot help make it an overnight process. However, a specialist in stuttering can help not only childr... Read More »

Causes of Stuttering in Adulthood?

Stuttering is a speech impediment that causes an individual to not be able to speak clearly. It is characterized by involuntary repetitions of syllabus, sounds, words and phrases as well as involun... Read More »

How to Stop Stuttering (Tyrzi)?

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