How to Control Scotch Thistle?

Answer Sometimes called cotton or woolly thistle, Scotch thistle (Onopordum acanthium) is a weed. Although it prefers moist sites, it can thrive along roadsides, among crops and in pastures. Scotch thistl... Read More »

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What does scotch in scotch doubles mean?

When you play scotch doubles in bowling, the term scotch refers to the style of play in which the partners alternate shots. If a player fails to bowl a strike, his partner attempts to pick up the s... Read More »

Is Thistle a weed?

Thistle comes in a variety of species throughout the world, but the are mostly considered to be weeds. They have the ability to spread quickly in open fields and have a similar effect in home gard... Read More »

How Do I Kill Thistle?

Thistle is often labeled a nuisance because it overcrowds wanted forage and grain crops such as wheat and clover. Thistle gives off a chemical that is toxic to other plants and can grow a root syst... Read More »