How to Control Mood Swings?

Answer Sad, mad, frustrated, okay, happy, worried, temperamental, afraid, in love, jolly, confused, excited, bored. = 5 minutes.Do you want to learn to control your mood swings?

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Are mood swings a side effect of birth control?

Hormonal birth controls such as birth control pills, injections and IUDs such as Mirena can produce mood swings as a side effect. Other types of birth control, such as barrier methods like condoms ... Read More »

How to Control Adversarial, Angry, Fearful & Abusive Mood Swings?

From time to time, nearly everyone experiences an abrupt change in mood. If you're not accustomed to having angry or fearful mood swings, they will feel out-of-place to you and may pass without inc... Read More »

I'm 14 and have really bad mood swings?

yes this is normal and yes it is a hormonal which you will eventually grow out ofgood luck

Does pregnancy cause mood swings?

oh ya my friend is pregnant and her mood swings are very noticeable