How to Control Millipedes in Potted Plants?

Answer Millipedes aren't insects, but they certainly are pests. They don't bite or sting, destroy property or carry communicable diseases. While they aren't dangerous, we'd rather they not take up residen... Read More »

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Potted Ivy Plants?

Growing ivy in pots indoors gives the room a delicate look and brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Ivy is also useful in pots in your patio area, as a topiary plant or climbing a fence or wall. Iv... Read More »

How do I move potted plants?

Pre-TransplantWater the plant you intend to move an hour or two before the move to prepare it. This will keep the roots from drying out during the move.Prepare your new pot. Use the same mix of soi... Read More »

Evergreen Potted Plants?

After a long summer of watering and tending potted annuals, they tend to look leggy and tired. Try the fresh, clean look of evergreens as a welcome replacement. Evergreens, potted with care, will a... Read More »

How to Use Bark Potted Plants?

Bark is a versatile material in the realm of pot and container gardening. Its coarse texture boosts both water drainage and airflow through the planting soil or medium, keeping roots healthy. This... Read More »