How to Control Lake, Pond and Lagoon Algae?

Answer Algae growth in ponds, lakes or lagoons is not only unsightly, it usually carries unruly odors and left untreated, will create disturbances in the waters natural ecosystem. These helpful guidelines... Read More »

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How to Control Pond Algae Naturally?

Algae is one of the annoying visitors to a pond that every pond owner dreads. In small quantities, it can provide food for your pond's residents. Too much, though, and you're left with a pond full ... Read More »

Household Ideas for Pond Algae Control?

Pond algae blooms typically occur because of an increase in dissolved nutrients in the pond water. This can happen due to lawn and garden fertilizer runoff, accumulated debris decaying in the water... Read More »

What Fish Should Be Stocked in a Lake to Keep Algae Under Control?

Too much sunlight or excessive amounts of plant nutrients can cause algae to overtake a freshwater lake or pond. Nature supplies its own sanitation crew with algae-eating fish that thrive in a fre... Read More »

What is the importance of pond algae?

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, algae can have both positive and negative effects on a pond or lake. The abundance or lack of algae can provide important information on the... Read More »