How to Control Flyaway Hair?

Answer Static electricity is the primary cause of flyaway hair. Atoms can have a positive or negative charge. Flyaway hair from static electricity occurs when the atoms in the air have one charge and the ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Flyaway Hair?

If it is cold outside and your hair has seen better days, don't worry. Flyaway hair or static hair is a common problem during the cold and dry winter months. Follow these tips to get rid of flyaway... Read More »

Hairstyles for Flyaway Hair?

Cold weather and humidity exacerbate flyaway hair. Overprocessing, teasing and heating hair also cause flyaway strands. Decrease the chances of having flyaway hair by taking good care of your tress... Read More »

How to Mask Flyaway Hair Using GIMP?

Sometimes, you have an image that you just can't 'like' because of that somewhat regrettable choice of backgrounds. With some images, you can easily delete the background, but there are other times... Read More »

How to Tame Crazy Fine Flyaway Hair?

Flyaway hair is caused by dry air and static electricity. Low humidity will cause the outer covering of the hair shafts to become more susceptible to static electricity, leading to a wild, unruly h... Read More »