How to Control Diabetes?

Answer A diabetes diagnosis is a wake-up call to change your lifestyle and gain control over this chronic, almost epidemic-level condition. Diabetes, when left uncontrolled, can ultimately cause kidney an... Read More »

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Is there any medicine to control diabetes?

Oh yeah....For type I and type II diabetics (and those who are overweight and could potentially become diabetic). Copy and bookmark the webpages I‘ve listed below… they are invaluable for those... Read More »

Is "perfect control" of diabetes possible?

Perfection is an ideal, not a reality in most cases. And if your doctor is screaming at you, that is abuse. You need to find a new doctor. Leave this one. My husband also has type 2 diabetes an... Read More »

Why is it important to have glycemic control in people with diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a disease which may cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate dangerously. As the American Diabetes Association notes, these fluctuations can cause both long-term and immediate m... Read More »

How can diabetes control blood sugar levels?

For Type 1 Diabetes, you have to take life long shots of insulin. But you can lower the doze by a low carb diet and exercise. Type 2 Diabetes can be easily controlled by diet and exercise. When I w... Read More »