How to Control Algae in Dugouts?

Answer Oftentimes, dugouts are thought of as a small lake or pond. Dugouts are used on farming grounds to feed livestock and for growing crops. No matter the use, the water quality in dugouts is important... Read More »

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How to Control an Algae Bloom?

Algae blooms are not very good for fish, and are sometimes troublesome to get rid of. It doesn't help that most algaecides are poisonous to snails. This article will help with getting rid of algae ... Read More »

How to Control String Algae?

String algae, also known as pond scum, blanket algae and pond moss, is a filamentous algae floating on the surface of ponds. It bonds with other filamentous algae to create strings and lime green m... Read More »

How to Control Marine Red Slime Algae?

The red slime algae that develops in some saltwater tanks is not really algae. It is actually a form of bacteria called cyanobacteria. It thrives on the nutrients in the water, including leftover f... Read More »

How Can I Control the Brown Algae in My Aquarium?

Brown algae growth is frequently found in freshwater aquariums that have yet to develop enough of the beneficial bacteria needed to control it. In addition to making the aquarium look dirty and neg... Read More »