How to Contribute to Saving Animals?

Answer Have you ever seen animals out on the street, or animals that are starving? We all would hate to see an animal in this condition! Surely there could be a way to help?? Don't worry, now there is. Re... Read More »

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How to Contribute to Saving the Environment Online?

There are tons of ways to save the planet, but did you know you can do it online?

Meat eaters why do you contribute to legal holocaust of animals and hate on vegetarians?

because they are selfish and ignorant. one day they will be veg*n but it wont be by choiceto the 'vegetarian" who said that animals are already dead.. you clearly do not understand the concept of f... Read More »

Money Saving Ideas on Saving the Planet?

Little things help save you money, and little things can help save the planet. Learning how to go green means learning how to be constantly conscientious of the planet. When you participate in smal... Read More »

Animals eat animals, so why don't vegetarians and vegans eat animals?

I was a vegatarian for a whole year but I did it for health reasons not animal rights reason. I undestand where you coming from. But at the same time I respect a vegatarians deciscion as long as he... Read More »