How to Contribute Globally?

Answer This is the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.Have you ever wanted to help make a change in our world? You do not have to work in a charity group, an AIDS program, or even in the United ... Read More »

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How many births per day globally?

Answer"There are 340,500 births per day in the world"

The Best Culinary Colleges Globally?

It takes talent to whip up a meal, so many individuals head off to culinary school to learn the tricks of the trade. Some of them do it for pleasure; but others dream of having their own restaurant... Read More »

What are all the data bases available globally ?

MySQL runs as a service providing multiple user access to several databases. MySQL is popular for web applications and operates with the database elements for the platforms (Linux/BSD/Mac/Windows).... Read More »

Where is beryl found globally?

Beryl, a primary source mineral for the element beryllium, is found in deposits in Utah and Russia, which account for most of the world’s production. Other producers of beryl include Kazakhstan, ... Read More »