How to Contour the Eye?

Answer You can add a striking accent to your eyes with the proper application of eye shadow. Select shades that complement your skin tone and the color of your eyes. Neutral shades can help provide a more... Read More »

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How to Add Contour to Eye Makeup?

To create more dimension on eyelids as well as to avoid a flat look, makeup artists use contouring. This adds shape and form to your eyes and gives you more of a reason to play with makeup. Proceed... Read More »

How to Contour a Face?

Contouring your face sounds like an intimidating makeup trick that should be left to the professionals. Contouring and highlighting your face can provide you with the power to sculpt your cheekbone... Read More »

Contour vs GoPro App?

The Contour apps, especially for the +2 are very nice and do things that GoPro, Sony, or none of the others are capable of.Here is a short video that shows how the Contour apps work. The apps are s... Read More »

How to Plot a Contour Map on a TI-89?

Contour maps, two and three dimensional maps that use curved lines to represent the elevation (third dimension or height) of a surface, are often used to draw terrain maps. In science, engineering ... Read More »