How to Contact the Cherokee Indian Nation?

Answer The Cherokee are the second largest Native American tribe within the United States, with almost 300,000 tribal citizens. The Cherokee Nation is a 7,000 square-mile area with 70,000 citizens. As str... Read More »

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How to Locate a Person in the Cherokee Nation?

Finding someone in the Cherokee Nation can be quite a difficult task. The Cherokee Nation is located within the borders of Oklahoma, so that is the region in which someone is to be found. The Chero... Read More »

Cherokee Indian Projects for Kids?

Children often learn better with hands on application of the knowledge being shared. Making crafts will help the students relate to the lesson, understand it better and remember it longer. Projects... Read More »

Cherokee Indian Projects for Second Grade?

Teaching second-graders the ways and life of the early Cherokee tribes ensures that the old ways are not forgotten. The significance of colors and the respect Cherokees have for earth and nature ar... Read More »

Who was the first Cherokee Indian to fly navy planes?

US Marine Ace Major "Pappy" Boyington was part Indian.