How to Contact a Girl That's Mad at You?

Answer When you've really messed up and she doesn't even want to hear your name - let alone speak to you, here's how you do it...

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How to Make Eye Contact With a Girl?

Want to get a girl to notice you? Eye contact can be key to an excellent initial connection with a girl that you've liked for a while or even with a girl that you would like to get to know better.

How to Initiate Physical Contact with a Girl?

There are many guys who are "afraid" of girls. They get nervous around them and are afraid to touch them. When their hands brushed accidentally, it made them nervous like hell. A little skin contac... Read More »

Can a 13 year old girl wear contact lenses?

Its recommended to 16 and above but yes you can if you really want to.

My dad had an affair with his brother's wife and she got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption I know who this girl is and want to contact her but she is only sixteen Can I legally do this?

More important you should ask your self what you have to gain by contacting her, and is it in the best interest of the child. Though I don't know you or your specific circumstances, your motives s... Read More »